Blade & Soul’s Game Features

Yet another snippet taken from the all new Blade & Soul official Korean website . We’ve prepared the Auto Targeting, Death System and Action Button Interface videos for you guys and placed English subtitles containing Yuan’s translations! This post also contains a little profession information. It may not be very detailed but it is still very interesting.It is known that you can get more information about Buying Blade And Soul Gold by click here.

Auto Targeting
A couple weeks ago Team Bloodlust announced that Blade & Soul will be using an auto targeting system, you can view the announcement here. They stated that they implemented this feature to give the player more freedom, freedom to do other things when playing Blade & Soul. They sure pulled it off! The auto targeting feature will automatically target the enemy that is directly in front of your character. This video will show you exactly how auto targeting works in Blade & Soul. Take a look!

Death System
Team Bloodlust revealed another video along side the auto targeting demonstration above, it covers Blade & Soul’s death system! I’m sure this feature was lurking around everyone’s mind for quite some time now. What would an MMO be without a death system? Anyway, let’s get this explained! Your character will be placed under the “Worn Out” state upon it’s health reaching zero. When in this “Worn Out” state you’ll be able to crawl away from your defeat in shame. Once you have crawled to a safe location away from trouble you have two options to chose from. You can either use the “Chi Meditation” ability which slowly leads your character into recovery or simply teleport yourself to the nearest village. If your character reaches zero life again within a certain amount of time you will not be placed in the “Worn Out” state, this prevents you from using the “Chi Meditation” ability again. Instead, upon your second death, you will be teleported to the nearest village.

Action Button Interface
For the final video we have Team Bloodlust explanation on how Blade & Soul’s action button interface will work. Blade & Soul will be using a very minimalistic UI, keeping things clean and less cluttered. The action buttons will change depending on what abilities can be used at that point and time. For example, say you’ve just knocked your enemy into the air with a neat ability, while the target is in the air your action buttons will change, showing you new abilities that can be used on mid air targets. Let me stop blabbering here and allow you to watch this video on your own. It does a better job explaining it than I do!It is believed that you can buy your own BNS Gold before the launch day

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