The Blade And Soul Best Fantasy Ever

Blade and Soul works. No crash at startup. No random Blade And Soul Gold crashes in game. For razer users and non razer users alike. There are near to no gold spammers, and people don’t get banned for trying to make their characters look better with in game shop purchases. To top it all off, no Gameguard. By the power of divine intervention, Gameguard was eradicated and we all lived our lives happy.
The End.

Is there any link for Crafting guide showing:

-What level can we start crafting? on which city?

-Do we need to choose what do we want to craft? list…

-Needed Mats..

yeah I’m noob…no need to mention…

If your not here to help, go away. =P

’cause I most likely will make more, but for now it’s just one.


Also dear lord I hope this forum has a re-sizing feature, I always do big resolution doodles because of reasons.


This one’s my Lyn force master – TomatoRice from Iksanum (did I write that name right?)


I mite draw other’s chars if they sparkle me with enough interest, I’m a fan of ridiculous (not ugly, just… silly) so if you got one that fits that criteria you can post a good shot of him here and I might draw him/her.

Liked your draw! The eyes are a little bit weird, but its cute.
I think of my white cat with blue eyes, he is cockeyed, so cute! ❤

I know he isnt beautiful, but i really love my little Lyn.




the great thing about Blase and soul is that you do have a sense of progression

The game mechanics are great adn the combat is very enjoyable and on top of that the fan service is great in game! I do enjoy the Blade And Soul Gold dugeons, etc of all lvls. This is the 3rd client i play (Japan, RU) so for me im kinda bored of the story. However by no means this is a “next gen” since a lot of the concepts are pretty dated for a MMO! kill 15 of these, etc the crafting system is pretty simple, wardrobe is NOT account bound. You dont have shared banks and you have to mail in stuff between character! The daily dash once you reach your goal then it just stops and you have to wait until next month for a new one!

Also for Pvp you must be lvl 45. Is true a lvl 20 could and i emphasize “COULD” beat a lvl 45 but that must of been a really bad player and noob to begin with but its possible. But by no means i would suggest you to doPvP until you are max lvl and had experimented with your class learn the combos, movements, etc.

Weather you like it or not do you will put yourself for some Open world Blade & Soul Items Pvp like factions where you need crystal to upgrade your weapon and soul shields. So you cannot completely scape Pvp in that sense. Again the great thing about Blase and soul is that you do have a sense of progression and the stats in game actually make a difference.

The Marketplace & Accruing Gold

Okay so I will open saying this is the subject that originally inspired me to Blade & Soul Gold make this post. With that being said, I don’t know how much I will actually end up putting in here, but I’ll be going over my biggest gripes with these systems.

o Having only ten posts a day on the Marketplace as a Premium user is atrocious. I’m just saying it outright that it’s absurd. I can understand limiting the freemium users being as how if you didn’t you’d have a bunch of people purposefully taking the market value of everything, but people who paid for premium are committed to getting their monies worth, and limiting us/them to ten posts a day is borderline insulting. It feels like I am paying a monthly fee but not getting any monthly benefits.
***This one is simple. Just allow Premium users to post as much as they want per day. The reason behind this is tied to another subject I am going to talk about, so I’ll just end this suggestion here.

o The end-game of Blade and Soul is really where the “Korean Grinder” comes into fruition in my opinion. Although it is always a good choice to allow players to do dailies to accrue currency, the amount received from a full string of dailies is simply not enough. A lot of the items needed to breakthrough your top-tier items, with the current daily system, means you have to do dailies constantly for almost a month straight to afford to breakthrough one item, not to mention needing money for other things such as tradeskill plans and the like.
***I think dailies all across the board should have their currency rewards scale at max level. Say you are level forty-three and you do a string of dailies. That would give you your standard thirty-six to forty-four silver, but when you hit the level cap, which is currently forty-five, it jumps up to an even gold piece. And then dailies in the lower zones would scale up to what the current currency reward is right now, scaling down for the lower level zone. For example, a Misty Woods quest at max level would net you a flat one gold piece, but a at max level a daily in say Jadesong Village’s outskirts would net you roughly twenty silver. This would encourage players to go back to zones they have abandoned due to level being as how the money would be too good to ignore going back there. It would also help keep those lower level zones once the game hits its population peak from becoming ghost towns, which in turn would mean there’s almost always going to be someone there to help low level players do field-boss quests and low-level dungeon quests because both the low level and max level players will get something worthwhile from it. The leveling character will get his/her experience, while the max level will get his so-desperately-needed money.

o This is basically going to be an amalgamation of both previous subjects. Only having ten posts a day as a Premium user and the marginal at best rewards Blade And Soul Power leveling from dailies really limits how players can get money. The name of the game in the North American region is options. Once again, I don’t know how it works in Korea, but in the North American region players like to have multiple options to achieve the same goal. Questing or grinding. Marketplace or dailies. So on and so forth.
***Remove the ten a day limit from the Marketplace for Premium users so that people have the option to either do dailies to get their money or work the Marketplace, which is sometimes an all-day chore in and of itself. Like I said, the NA crowd likes having options. With the way the current system is, there aren’t any to really speak of.

skills should be designed such that any skill available

I’m also against game difficulty due to Buy Blade And Soul Gold  interface/mechanics. (Which is what I think you’re calling arbitrary difficulty), however I’m not sure it applies in this case.

Less buttons = easier. I’m sorry, Only having to worry about ~10 keys is far easier than the veritable dozens some other games require. So, again, have to disagree.

Admittedly, I’m not all that familiar with the whole stance concept. I haven’t gotten terribly far into the game. For as far as I’ve gotten, only my Force Master and Blade master really have what I’d call “stances”. (and at least so far, my blade masters “stance” only lasts for a short time, and only has 1 or maybe 2 skills she can use while in it, though I suspect that changes?). My Kung Fu Master, Assassin, and Destroyer don’t really have what I would call “stances” that you toggle between, at least not yet. The Kung fu can just grapple (for a bit), The assassin (like most rogues) can stealth (for a bit), and the destroyer can grab (for a bit) For the most part they’re more like just moves in a combo chain. Many fighting games actually have things like that.

The only character I have that has an absolute definite “stance” (so far) is the force master. Entering either the ice stance or the fire stance, pretty much at will. Each with a full and completely independent set of abilities. And I have to admit, to me the force master seems like a fairly lame afterthought, that doesn’t really work that well with the games mechanics.

Note: The one thing I will agree with is the cooldowns. I’d be inclined to argue that the skills should be designed such that any skill available in a subposition should always be off cooldown whenever you enter the subposition. Whether the act of entering the subposition clears it, or the cooldown for the “enter” skill is shorter than the cooldown for the “in subposition” skill.

Also, skills that have a “proactive” condition requirement (such as Destroyers grab) that can be self triggered in multiple ways, should have some UI treatment that lets you Cheap Blade And Soul Gold know what their cooldown is


for some reason everytime i mess something up like Cheap Blade And Soul Gold my pin number or the queue time for the server takes long, the game randomly just shuts down, its not my pc i have a fairly high end pc and ive gotten into a server once and experienced extreme server lag but its not my internet conncetion i get 40 ms on guild wars 2 watching a twitch stream at the same time idk if its an error but can someone pls help me thnks 🙂

not sure if OP even realizes this, or is just a massive troll BUT its because of people afking that others cant get into the server.. most likely theres going to be fixes and server capacity increases coming but if people are afking their taking up available spots on the server that could be used by someone who will actually be playing the game.. maybe with server capacity upgrades it’ll make queue times even shorter, and with 4 NA and 2 EU new servers coming it’ll cut it down even MORE.. once all this is implemented afking will be unnecessary..

Afk kick timer should be proportional to the que time for the server.

if the que time to enter the server is 10-20 hours it shouldnt kick you unless you have been afk for more then 1-2 hours.

the reason why? because at least people are actually playing otherwise eventually the entire server will be 90% bots because that will be the only way to get into a server. If its a 1000+ minute que you better belive people are just going to start bots when they want to afk rather then have to wait entire days to log back in.

Still waiting server transfer

Its been + than 24 hours since i sent the ticket, regardless that i basicly wasted my 3 day headstart and had to make a new character i was Cheap Blade And Soul Gold willing to give the game a 2nd chance but im still waiting for my founder stuff to be returned to my new char and the coins (i, didnt just buy the 125 dollar pack i also bought 50 more dollars in coins) that i spent on that char to be returned too. Most of the items u get from founder are for early lvls so by the time ill get them it will be a waste so… Im wondering if i should just ask for a refund and play the game for free.

eh i went to poharan and am also waiting though i do find it interesting that my tickets time how long its been since submission keeps changing rather its like someones looking at it resetting the time then promptly ignoring it lol i hope that isnt the case but wierd things happen i guess – or i suppose it could also be one of those things where if anyone on their end even looks at it it resets the submission timer thing i dont know – just found it interesting and a bit funny myself is all

mine isnt quiet that bad but its been being reset roughly 3 times i posted it i wanna say sunday very early am if im not mistaken oh and timezones est usa for me so its only pm monday as of this post for me but still for it to have reset the timer like that 3 times and me to only have recieved the acknowledgement message that every ticket ever Blade & Soul Gold gets feels odd

Blade & Soul launches today, NCSoft outline post-launch content – and it’s all free

Good news for fans of MMOs, martial arts and disproportionately large bosoms: Blade & Soul has officially launched in Europe and North America, and developer NCSoft are already working on a ton of post-launch content. Although no release dates have been Cheap BNS Gold given, we’re promised a new continent, four dungeons, the warlock class and a major narrative expansion – all due out in the coming months, and all free of charge.

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By far the biggest announcement is the news that Blade & Soul will be getting an enormous expansion titled SIlverfrost Mountain. Adding a whole new act to the main narrative, a level cap increase from 45 to 50 and an entire continent to explore, it’s BNS Gold clear that NCSoft aren’t taking a laid back approach to endgame content.

Maplestory Compilation Class: One skill from everyone

If the title isn’t an indication, this is a little questionaire/game thing in which you are being asked to pick one skill from each class in the game, in a sort of super-class kind of thing.You are allowed to get more information in the official website to buy more Cheap MapleStory Mesos.
I am laying out some Rules and Limitations though…

~You MuST have at least one Attack skill, one Buff skill, and one Passive skill.
~~Attacks that modify the basic attack button, such as Demon Lash or Shikigami Haunting, count as an attack skill.
~~Short term buffs, such as Corsair’s Quick Draw, Explorer Magician’s Infinity, or most hyper skills, do not count as a buff.
~~Passive skills that display a buff in the upper-right screen, such as Hayato’s Willow Dodge or Explorer Magician’s Arcane Magic, will count as a Passive skill, not a Buff skill.
~~Buffs or Passives that modify certain attacks cannot be picked unless they have other functions.
~~Only one Shadow Partner-esque skill may be picked.It is believed that you can buy your own MS Mesos.

~By Default you will have a Flash Jump skill that allows for one forward jump, but you may choose to use another flash jump skill instead, with the understanding that this will be the skill you choose for that class (i.e. Cygnus Knight’s jump or Aran’s dash). Teleports will not count as a replacement skill.

~By default you will have one buff that increases Weapon Attack Speed by 2 stages, however you may choose to add passives or buffs with unequal additions to attack speed to further increase it.

~No KMS Blaster, KMS Revamped Aran/Evan, or JMS Dragon Warrior/Zen. Only classes that have actively been released in GMS are allowed.

~All Explorers count as separate classes, so you will need to pick from a Hero, Paladin, and Dark Knight for Warriors, and so on so forth.

~Instances of role-playing, such as SAO and Hieizan Temple, will not count.

~Damage % on attack skills will not make a difference, as you are being allowed to pick any skills from all classes.

~If a skill has hyper skills attached to it, then you may choose to apply their respective hypers to them. However, you may only do this a maximum of 5 times.

~You may choose up to one level 150 hyper, one level 170 hyper, and one level 200 hyper. This decision will not take the chosen hypers as a skill from said class.

~Skills that are from an older version of a class may be picked. Just be aware they were probably replaced for a reason…

~The following skills are completely barred from being picked:
-Aran’s Polearm Boooster
-Cannoneer’s Buckshot (only if a Shadow Partner skill has already been picked)
-All of Phantom’s Impeccable Memory and any skill swiping.

Now, for a more descriptive thingie…

~You are compiling skills from all classes in the game. Yes, all of them. Following our rules, that is 41 classes, aka 41 skills to pick from.

~By default, you will not have any job advancements. However, you may choose to have them if desired.

~You may choose to have a certain classes unique system, such as Aran’s combo count or Evan’s Dragon, though some skills might act weirdly to such…

~Whether a skill is meant to be weak or strong is up to you. Just keep it within reason.

Faction Lore Confusion

In traditional Wuxia stories, the premise is almost always that of a hero’s journey to right a wrong or some sort of injustice. Part of that injustice is usually a strongly corrupt government – the Emperor’s advisor targeted your homeland for plunder only to enrich his coffers; some petty official has a grudge against a group of people and goes out of his way to make them miserable; the wife of a high military commander spends money frivolously while he’s away and ignores any pleas for assistance in the middle of a drought, or something of the sort.

The Warring Factions are not evil – they aim to eliminate evil in the world, whether it comes from supernatural sources or from men’s hearts. Their differences lie in their belief system on what should be a more “ideal” form that should replace the evil. They sit on a lawful-chaotic alignment system, rather than a good-evil alignment system.

Let’s use an example: A village just got raided by pirates and is burning.
Cerulean Order members will immediately seek out the town’s mayor, work with that person to identify the greatest priorities, assign people to follow out each of the tasks – save the children, stop the fire on that building, set up a water line – and possibly obtain permission from the town mayor on seeking down the pirates. This is their belief in structure and formality and everyone working together for a common cause. The downside is, is that people will get set in their tasks and may not look at doing anything else other than what was assigned.

Crimson Legion members will each identify something for themselves to do, and they’ll each go in and do it. If, in the middle of fighting a fire, a small child approaches them crying and scared, the Crimson Legion will probably shift focus on comforting the child rather than fighting the fire. Their belief in choice and flexibility means they can always do what they think is right; but the downside is, embracing chaos means that it’s very possible that all the Legion members go run after the Pirates and no-one stays behind to look after the village and the village gets destroyed.

At the very extremes, either ideal has a downside. You can get dictatorships and tyranny from Cerulean; but you can also get anarchy and complete lawlessness with Crimson laissez faire leadership. (don’t be misled – “democracy” as a governing system does not belong to either group).It is believed that you can buy your own BNS Gold before the launch day.

I dont know what brambling is coming out of this one’s mouth, but the crimson legion will never have weak defences like mentioned here! We are the true power! Those simple minded Cerulian fools claim they can maintain order, while in doing so they enslave all of the races! We WILL NOT accept this! Join the legion, or get eliminated. this is your choice!You are allowed to get more information in the official website to buy more Cheap Blade And Soul Gold.

Blade & Soul: NCsoft Talks How to Play Force Master in New Video

Force Master in Blade & Soul has some similarities to the Elementalist in other fantasy MMORPGs with the ability to freeze or burn the enemies. No surprise that the freezing abilities can slow down the enemies and protect the caster while the fire abilities will deal a lot of damage.
Force Master can also penetrate opponent’s defense and seize opponent in the mid-air. It’s a class for players who like to keep a distance between enemies and use the power of ice and fire elements. If you are beginner of the Force Master class or plan to play it in the future, watch the video below where NCsoft tells you how to play this class.

You are allowed to get more information in the official website to buy more Cheap Blade And Soul Gold.

It is believed that you can buy your own BNS Gold before the launch day.