the great thing about Blase and soul is that you do have a sense of progression

The game mechanics are great adn the combat is very enjoyable and on top of that the fan service is great in game! I do enjoy the Blade And Soul Gold dugeons, etc of all lvls. This is the 3rd client i play (Japan, RU) so for me im kinda bored of the story. However by no means this is a “next gen” since a lot of the concepts are pretty dated for a MMO! kill 15 of these, etc the crafting system is pretty simple, wardrobe is NOT account bound. You dont have shared banks and you have to mail in stuff between character! The daily dash once you reach your goal then it just stops and you have to wait until next month for a new one!

Also for Pvp you must be lvl 45. Is true a lvl 20 could and i emphasize “COULD” beat a lvl 45 but that must of been a really bad player and noob to begin with but its possible. But by no means i would suggest you to doPvP until you are max lvl and had experimented with your class learn the combos, movements, etc.

Weather you like it or not do you will put yourself for some Open world Blade & Soul Items Pvp like factions where you need crystal to upgrade your weapon and soul shields. So you cannot completely scape Pvp in that sense. Again the great thing about Blase and soul is that you do have a sense of progression and the stats in game actually make a difference.

Faction Lore Confusion

In traditional Wuxia stories, the premise is almost always that of a hero’s journey to right a wrong or some sort of injustice. Part of that injustice is usually a strongly corrupt government – the Emperor’s advisor targeted your homeland for plunder only to enrich his coffers; some petty official has a grudge against a group of people and goes out of his way to make them miserable; the wife of a high military commander spends money frivolously while he’s away and ignores any pleas for assistance in the middle of a drought, or something of the sort.

The Warring Factions are not evil – they aim to eliminate evil in the world, whether it comes from supernatural sources or from men’s hearts. Their differences lie in their belief system on what should be a more “ideal” form that should replace the evil. They sit on a lawful-chaotic alignment system, rather than a good-evil alignment system.

Let’s use an example: A village just got raided by pirates and is burning.
Cerulean Order members will immediately seek out the town’s mayor, work with that person to identify the greatest priorities, assign people to follow out each of the tasks – save the children, stop the fire on that building, set up a water line – and possibly obtain permission from the town mayor on seeking down the pirates. This is their belief in structure and formality and everyone working together for a common cause. The downside is, is that people will get set in their tasks and may not look at doing anything else other than what was assigned.

Crimson Legion members will each identify something for themselves to do, and they’ll each go in and do it. If, in the middle of fighting a fire, a small child approaches them crying and scared, the Crimson Legion will probably shift focus on comforting the child rather than fighting the fire. Their belief in choice and flexibility means they can always do what they think is right; but the downside is, embracing chaos means that it’s very possible that all the Legion members go run after the Pirates and no-one stays behind to look after the village and the village gets destroyed.

At the very extremes, either ideal has a downside. You can get dictatorships and tyranny from Cerulean; but you can also get anarchy and complete lawlessness with Crimson laissez faire leadership. (don’t be misled – “democracy” as a governing system does not belong to either group).It is believed that you can buy your own BNS Gold before the launch day.

I dont know what brambling is coming out of this one’s mouth, but the crimson legion will never have weak defences like mentioned here! We are the true power! Those simple minded Cerulian fools claim they can maintain order, while in doing so they enslave all of the races! We WILL NOT accept this! Join the legion, or get eliminated. this is your choice!You are allowed to get more information in the official website to buy more Cheap Blade And Soul Gold.

Blade & Soul: NCsoft Talks How to Play Force Master in New Video

Force Master in Blade & Soul has some similarities to the Elementalist in other fantasy MMORPGs with the ability to freeze or burn the enemies. No surprise that the freezing abilities can slow down the enemies and protect the caster while the fire abilities will deal a lot of damage.
Force Master can also penetrate opponent’s defense and seize opponent in the mid-air. It’s a class for players who like to keep a distance between enemies and use the power of ice and fire elements. If you are beginner of the Force Master class or plan to play it in the future, watch the video below where NCsoft tells you how to play this class.

You are allowed to get more information in the official website to buy more Cheap Blade And Soul Gold.

It is believed that you can buy your own BNS Gold before the launch day.